Benefits of E-Tender

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E-Tender is an online process that manages the tendering cycle. Why should you consider e tender? Seeing that some big organizations are in need of handling multiple procurement solicitation in the present day, it is good to opt for online tendering system that helps them to scale up efficiencies while curtailing traditional tendering costs. Unlike manual tenders, which is a time consuming exercise, e tender or electronic tender paves way for a more strategic and unified approach to e-procurement by creating a state of affairs, which enables both suppliers and buyers to have a more transparent, collaborative, and fair practice of tendering. However, there is more to it, read on to know the benefits of it.

Advantages of E-Tender: Facilitating speedy exchange of information, E-Tender helps out firms and individuals to have paper free transactions which otherwise would involve long and cumbersome process. Listed below are some of the other benefits of E-tender and it includes:

  1. Structured process
  2. Reduced cost and tender cycle-time
  3. Improved quality of tender description or specification and supplier response
  4. Immediate response to queries and points of clarification during the tender period
  5. Improved efficiency: tenders can be created, exchanged, and stored electronically
  6. Reduction in the arduous tasks of receipt, recording and distribution of tender submissions
  7. Double-quick and accurate pre-qualification and assessment, which enables the rejection of suppliers or sellers that fail to meet the tender specification.

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