Bidzpro is the leading industry experts in E-Procurement solutions and services creating a better buying experience. As your most trusted partner, we focus on building scalable business solutions that empower clients across industries to automate the labor-intensive procurement process through technological proficiency and innovation.

Bidzpro is an e procurement platform offering the following services.


Request for Information (RFI)

Bidzpro’s RFI module helps the auctioneer and tenderer to pre-qualify the bidders, thereby provides time to analyze and approve the bidder to participate in the bidding.

Quick Quote (QQ)

Automate your procurement process with quick quotes and get rid of the pre-approval/ pre-qualification requirement. In this process the buyer invites the participants and the bidders place the proposal or bid right away.


Facilitating a speedy exchange of information, scaling up efficiency, and eliminating paper-based transactions, our e-tender system allows the tenderer to invite participants for sealed bids securely and the approval practice takes place subsequent to the pre-qualification through RFI (Request for Information). Once the event is completed, the tenderer can view all the bids. Apart from automating the complete cycle, e-tender drives transparency, delivers significant cost reduction and efficiency throughout the procurement process.

Online Auction

Our online auction or e-auction system allows you to invite participants for auction, wherein the auctioneer endorses the bidder to participate in the same after pre-qualification through RFI (Request for Information). During the process, the auctioneer can view the bids, on the other hand, the participant can view his/her position in the process along with the L1 price provided that it is permitted by the auctioneer.