Benefits of Quick Quote or Quotations

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Quick Quote, known by different names such as sales quotations, quotes, estimates and much more is one of the easiest ways to know about the cost of a product/service that is to be procured. In simple, it is seeking quotations from potential suppliers to obtain competitive quotes for a specific buyer requirement at a stated price, under specified conditions.

Quick Quote Vs estimate

Often, there is a misinterpretation between Quick Quote and estimate, before getting to see about the benefits, lets have a look at the difference between the two. Quick Quote or quotation is a fixed price offer that can’t be changed once accepted by the customer. On the other hand, an estimate for a product/service is an educated guess or a ballpark figure on what a job may cost and it isn’t binding.

The process of Quick Quote

The Quick Quote process is simple and straightforward, the buyer will post his/her buying requirement and invites the participants (participants here means sellers or suppliers) and the bidders (bidders here means sellers) will place the bid right away, which in turn allows the buyer to analyze the quotes and then decide whom to transact with. The competitive advantage is that the bidders place the proposal or bid right away, thereby eliminating the pre-approval/ pre-qualification condition.

Benefits of Quick Quote

Quick quote has no hard and fast rules, the buyer posts his/her buying requirement, the sellers will view the requirement and give their quotes along with the conditions if any.

Immediate access to large seller base:

Buyers get benefited by having access to a large seller base, this in turn provides a distinct competitive advantage for business, drives up scalable solutions, competitive price from different sellers and much more.

Eliminates disorganization:

Obtaining a quick quote helps you to overcome the challenge of disorganization which is the top slayer of productivity. Getting a QQ is the best defense against disorganization because you will do away with anything that interrupts you from achieving the final output with ease.

Final points

Now that you are aware of the countless benefits of Quick Quote and how it can help you save time and money, why wait? Automate your procurement process by obtaining Quick Quotes and get rid of the pre-approval/ pre-qualification requisite. Bidzpro- the unique online bidding portal makes e-procurement simple and helps both buyers and sellers to enjoy hassle-free buying and selling.