e Tender is a web based electronic system that manages the tendering cycle and process. Classified under the category of centralized process, it is simple and structured and makes procurement easy. The primary objective is to enhance procurement, however, there are quite a few benefits that one can enjoy with electronic tendering system. Having said that, this centralized process not only makes e-procurement easy, but helps organizations to scale up efficiencies while curtailing traditional tendering costs.

Unlike manual tenders, which is a time consuming exercise, e tender or electronic tender paves way for a more strategic and unified approach to e-procurement by creating a state of affairs, which enables both suppliers and buyers to have a more transparent, collaborative, and fair practice of tendering. Replacing the time-consuming process with easy to go options, there are more than a few reasons why suppliers and buyers should consider e tender. Reduced cycle time, paper work elimination, long queues riddance and high-level transparency in the entire process are a few to mention. Now that you are aware of the countless benefits, its time for the B2b connoisseurs to consider Bidzpro’s e-tendering system which is flexible and result-driven.

Bidzpro’s e-Tender solution has been designed keeping in view the best practices in online tender management systems, hence it eliminates all the hassles of the bidding process so that you can focus on the main picture i.e. the tender itself.