Online Quick Quote

Online Quick Quotecommonly called by different names such as quotes, quotation, sales quotes, or sales quotations is one of the easiest ways to know the price of a product/service you wanted to procure. Simply put, QQ is nothing but seeking quotations from potential suppliers to obtain competitive quotes for a specific buyer requirement at a stated price, under specified conditions. Often deemed as legally binding, unless and until they are part of an official contract, it isn’t considered as legally binding. Having said that, Quick Quote is often misunderstood as estimates and contrary to what you might think, there is a world of difference associated between the two terms. Quotation is an exact price for a line of work that you consent with your customer whereas estimate is an educated guess or a ballpark figure of what you think a product/service may cost, without committing to prices and terms.

The process of obtaining Quick Quote is simple and straightforward with Bidzpro, the buyer will post his/her buying requirement and invites the participants (participants here means sellers or suppliers) and the bidders (bidders here means sellers) will place the bid right away, which in turn allows the buyer to analyze the quotes and then decide whom to transact with. The competitive advantage is that the bidders place the proposal or bid right away, thereby eliminating the pre-approval/ pre-qualification condition which paves way to e-procurement automation.