Online Quick Quote

Online Quick Quote – QQ stands for Quick Quotation. This is one of the way to get the quotation in simple manner. If any buyer needs any request, the buyer will post a Quick Quotation by specifying the products or services that the buyer needs to buy. Based on the request, the system invite the sellers who are all already registered in the portal and dealt with the products specified by the buyer. And also the system provide functionality to invite sellers outside portal. Once the invitation received by the registered sellers, they just click on the links provided in the email. That link lead to the specific Quick Quotation detailed view page. Then the seller can post bids on the Quick Quotation.

Received Bidz and Reports

The buyer can obtain the bids quoted by the seller by clicking on the received bids count of the specified Quick Quotation. Then the buyer can analyze the detailed bids provided by the sellers and also find the L1 position to final the deal. If the expected bidding is not reached, the buyer can extend the live time of quick quotation and get more competitive bids.