RFI – Request for Information

RFI – Request for Information. This is one of the way to connect the seller with buyer. If any buyer needs any request, the buyer will post a RFI by specifying the products or services that the buyer needs to buy.

Based on the request, the system invite the sellers who are all already registered in the portal and dealt with the products specified by the buyer. And also the system provide functionality to invite sellers outside portal.

Once the invitation received by the registered sellers, they just click on the links provided in the email. That link lead to the specific RFI detailed page. Then the seller can decide to show interest or not interest.

All the seller response will reach the the buyer in seller response column of the RFI.

Based on the seller response the buyer will enroll the people who are given interest on the specific RFI.

In future whatever the e-Tender / e-Auction raised using the RFI, the invitation will be sent to the seller who are all already enrolled by the buyer.